Hjärtevad Bridge

The stone bridge on the eastern entrance of Simlångsdalen, towards Ljungby, on road 25 is called Hjärtevad Bridge or roughly translated Heart’s Bet Bridge. The name comes from a hearsay that is reported in Fredrik Ströms bok The people of Simlångsdalen from 1912:
"A long time ago in Marsjö, there was a knight called Ulv. He had a daughter that was known for her beauty. Plenty of knights competed to win her hand in marriage.
She did not, however, want to give her heart away to any of the suitors, but for one fisher boy who lived by the lake. When Ulv the knight heard about her wish he got enraged. The daughter wept and was heartbroken, and finally, her father caved and allowed the fisher boy to compete with the noblest knight that was pursuing her.
The fisher boy had to swim from the bridge by the courtyard to Drömmars Kulle (the Hill of Dreams), at the other side of the lake. The Knight had the same goal, but he were to ride along the lakeside, and whoever reached the peak of the will would win the girl.
The fisher boy was in the lead, but when he climbed out of the water and onto the bridge at the foot of the hill, his heart stopped. This is why the bridge is called the Heart’s Bet Bridge and the lake is called Simlången (The long swim).” 
(Roughly translated)