Sutarebo Nature Reserve

Sutarebo nature reserve is a mixed forest consisting mainly of pine and beech trees. Oak-filled meadows and farmland framed by hazel shrubs borders the western forest and testifies of a bygone era. The three farms located in the area are mentioned in books as early as 1697.

North of the reserve lies Simlångsgården, a great place to start of your walk to gain information about walking trails and to park your car. Sutarebo is situated on a steep slope crossed by two larger valleys. The northeastern valley is a ravine with dramatic slopes and an old-growth forest.

To the east is an old cattle path where animals were directed to their fields. It is lined with stone walls to protect the cultivated soil while the cattle moves. The name Sutarebo comes from the old word sutare, which is old Swedish word for a shoemaker.

From Route 25 in Simlångsdalen turn towards Mahult, then towards Gyltige. Shortly after Gyltigesjön and Simlångsgården, there is a smaller road to the right towards Håralt. The reserve is located along the way.