Mogölsmyren Nature Reserve

Mogölsmyren's nature reserve is an undisturbed wilderness where the silence is dominating. The bog is covered in green and red colored peat moss. The tufts are adorned with heather and crowberry while the beautiful yellow flowers of the bog asphodel are bursting out in July and the golden cloudberries ripen. Other plants you can find is the carnivorous sundew, bog-myrtle and cranberry.

The reserve is a perfect spot to look for the king of the forest, the moose. Its long legs help the moose to move over the marsh's soil. The pathless marsh is about 160 meters above sea level in one of southern Sweden's wettest places, so a pair of sturdy, waterproof boots is recommended.

From Route 25 in Simlångsdalen turn towards Femsjö. About 4 km after Bygget turn right. After about 500 m turn right again onto a smaller gravel road and drive to the turning point. The final 200 m you need to travel by foot to reach the reserve.