Kvarnaberget Nature Reserve

In Kvarnaberget’s Nature Reserve you will find 150-year-old oak trees that grow and wanders slowly on the moraine field. The reserve has no marked trails or paths, but a decent terrain to walk in. It is believed that pigs were kept here and that the grubbing helped the oaks spread when Tönnersjöheden once again turned into a wilderness.

Like its nearby reserves, Hallaskår and Hyltan, Kvarnaberget is home to plenty of interesting mosses, mushrooms and lichens with unusual species. Because of the soils lack of nutrition, the other flora is quite sparse. The ground is mainly covered in European blueberries, wavy hair-grass, purple moor-grass and lingonberries.

From Simlångsdalen, drive towards Tönnersjö until the road ends. Follow the signs towards Mästocka. After about 3 km turn right towards Hyltan. Go past Hyltan's nature reserve and after 1 km you have arrived at Kvarnaberget.